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Special Purpose Hydraulic Press And Pneumatic Press

GMJ Systems & Automations Pvt. Ltd. design & manufacture special purpose presses as per customer requirement for automobile components such as cylinder block, cylinder head, crank shaft, rear & front axle sub assembly elements, transmission sub-assembly elements etc to press bearing race, bearing cage, liners, piston, welch plugs, cam bush, valve seat, valve guide, oil seals, bush, pin etc,.

GMJ Systems & Automations Pvt. Ltd. has designed, manufactured and proved bearing cage, bearing race, welch plug, valve seat, valve guide , piston, bush, pin, oils seal pressing machines to press in the engine cylinder block/head, rear & front axle, differential housing, wheel hub, ring gear, crankshaft etc. The procedure is to located and clamp the component in position and load the pressing component on dolly on pressing ram and pressed onto the component.

All clamping, locating and plugging will be done by hydraulic cylinders automatically, hence the process time and labour required is greatly saved. The operator only has to load the component & then press cycle start push button.

GMJ Systems & Automations Pvt. Ltd. also has designed special instrument to measure the load by using load cell & linear displacement by using linear transducer/scale while pressing. Provision has been made in the instrument to program 30 no’s of different program.

Provision is also made to operate in manual mode, in order to make the operating sequence fool proof interlocks are provided in the circuit. The system can be operated through PLC based control system, it can be interfaced with machine by connecting solenoid valves, proximity switches, pendent, man machine interface (MMI) etc,. The system is configured to operate in auto / manual mode.

Special Purpose Pneumatic and Hydraulic Press

Pneumatic Press
Pneumatic Press
  Liner Pressing Machine for Cylinder Block
  Corn Bush Pressing Machine for Cylinder Block
  Valve Guide Press for Cylinder Head
  Valve Seat Press for Cylinder Head
  Welch Plug Press for Cylinder Head and Block
  Core Plug Press for Cylinder Head and Block
  Seal Cover Press for Shock Absorber
  Press for Compression Calve of Shock Absorber
  Stem Seal Press for Cylinder Head
  Valve Cotter Press for Cylinder Head
  Ball Press for Two Wheeler Crankshaft.
  Bearing Press for Rear Axle.
  Press for Gear Assembly.
  Crimping and Decrimping Machines
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