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Test Rigs and Inspection Systems

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Test Rigs and Inspection Systems

GMJ Systems & Automations Pvt. Ltd. excels in the field of machine vision based applications. Today machine vision is used in many industrial applications to overcome drawbacks of manual inspection. The solutions based on machine vision are speedier and accurate and now due to widespread use are also becoming cost effective.

GMJ Systems & Automations Pvt. Ltd. has developed the strength of combining the advantages of motion control with machine vision and has thus been able to make the machine vision applications more effective and reliable for industrial environment.

Typical applications of machine vision systems are as follows.
 Object Detection for Presence or Absence
 Pattern Detection
 Missing or Incorrect Printing
 Counting or Sorting of Objects
 Bar Coding
 Color Recognition
 Surface Defects
 Incorrect Orientation
 Pokeyoke Based System
 Cylinder Block Bearing Cap Vision System


Machine Vision in Object Detection
The photograph besides show the use of machine vision in industrial application. This is a special purpose machine developed for building an assembly of an hydraulic valve. The valve consists of seven elements stacked one over other. The operator starts the assembly process by placing the bottom most element first. He then assembled o-rings & spring with the element. After completing this the operator presses a button on pendant which initiates a vision test. During this test a camera which is mounted on a vertical side is brought besides each element. The camera captures the image of assembled element and confirms that the o-rings & spring is correctly assembled. After the confirmation the camera moves up again. This process continues till the last element is correctly assembled. Thus machine vision system ensures that all the elements are correctly assembled with o-rings & springs and allows the final torquing operation after the top most element is correctly assembled.

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